The Journal of Water Management Modeling (JWMM) is always receptive to highly qualified volunteers looking to join our editorial board.

JWMM strives to be the premiere open access exchange in the special sub-discipline of water management modeling. JWMM publishes novel methodologies and advances, from basic research to planning, engineering, and operational studies, with an accent on useful and pragmatic ideas for engineers. JWMM is a natural development of our almost 50 years of publishing serious annual international conference papers. For more information, see our About JWMM page:

Operated entirely independently of our source of funds, CHI, editorial decisions are the sole responsibility of the Editorial Board. JWMM editors and reviewers strive to maximize the influence of every author’s published work through effective, fair, swift, and constructive editorial decision-making, and by setting the standards that make JWMM the go-to source in our sub-discipline.

Every paper is independently “double-anonymized” peer reviewed by usually three, but a minimum of two, reviewers selected by the individual editor for publication in the journal.