Information For Authors

Author Checklist

While preparing your paper for CHI's Journal of Water Management Modeling, there are many instructions on what is required. The following link provides an author's checklist you can download and use to ensure all the instructions are met before submission: Author Checklist.

Journal Template

Before submitting your paper, it must be formatted to use the CHI journal template. This step must be completed before submission for consideration. The template is downloadable using the following link: CHI Journal Template.

For instructions on using the CHI journal template, please watch the following video.

Adding Figures

Any figures added to the paper must be high quality to display clearly when presented in HTML and .pdf formats. We suggest figures are in .SVG or .PNG formats and at least 750 pixels wide, especially for more detailed figures such as maps or plans. If a figure is less detailed and still clear, a smaller resolution image may be acceptable.

For instructions on how to add figures to your paper using CHI's requirements, please watch the following video:

Adding Tables 

If starting your paper using the template, you can add a table into the paper, and select the CHI table style available from the Table Design tab. Once the table style has been applied, you can use the table font style and add a caption.

For instructions on how to add tables to a paper, use the CHI template or format an existing paper, please watch the following video:

Submitting a Paper

To submit your paper to the JWMM:

  1. Go through the Author Checklist and ensure the paper meets CHI's requirements.
  2. Click on the Login link located at the top-right side of the window. 
  3. Create a new account and log in to your newly created account.
  4. Click on your username located in the top-right corner of the page, and select View Profile.
  5. Click on the New Submission button located on the left side of the page.

Publication time

The publication time from start to finish is between 6 months - 1 year, depending on the quality of the paper and response time of the author and editor/reviewers. 

Upon receiving the submission, a member of the Editorial Board will usually review the article and solicit at least one other external reviewer. The figure below illustrates the detailed process of the paper publication.